How often do I need to use my SuperGro device?

Sit under the unit three times per week, preferably every other day. Allow each session to run for about 20 minutes at a time in order to ensure the best results. The device is comfortable and hands-free, allowing you to enjoy a TV show, book, internet browsing, or whatever you prefer. Results vary, but many people see results within four months.

Why do the units cost so much less than other similar devices?

The lasers are doing all the work. Since our products do not have any extra add-ons, such as timers and headphones, we can keep our product focused on hair growth alone. Without any extras, we can offer these units at a lower price than our competitors.

Does the SuperGro product use any LED?

Not at all. LED lights have not been shown to offer any benefits to hair, so we refrain from including them in our products. Each and every diode in our system is pure, 100-percent laser powered.

What are the specs on the lasers?

Each of our industrial-grade lasers has 650 nanometers of red laser light. This wavelength has been shown to promote hair growth best.

What is the warranty?

We cover your SuperGro Laser for one year from the date of purchase. Should your device malfunction, reach out to us via email for shipping instructions. We will either repair or replace your device. Once the warranty period is over, we can repair a malfunctioning unit for a small price. Contact us to learn more.

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