About Laser Technology

Laser technology, or laser therapy, is a drug-free way to reverse the natural process of weakening hair follicles. This happens naturally over time, and the result is increasingly thinner hair. Eventually, the hair follicle dies and no longer produces hair. However, laser hair regrowth therapy has been shown to be an effective way to painlessly stimulate the hair follicle and encourage more new, healthier growth than ever before.

While there may not yet be a cure for hair loss, we have found a way to combat it. Our SuperGro Laser product uses safe, low-level infrared lasers that have been designed to stimulate cell growth in your hair follicles. It is entirely safe to use on its own or in conjunction with prescription medications, topical products, and even transplant surgeries. Our laser hair regrowth device has been cleared by the FDA, meaning it is safe to use.

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