About Us

Welcome to SuperGro Lasers. Since 2006, our company has provided a revolutionary way to regrow hair and stimulate hair follicles. As a result, thousands have watched as their hair has grown thicker and sparse patches have become fuller through laser hair regrowth. We attribute this success to our quality products and dedication to our customers.

We offer a laser cap designed to stop hair loss and help you regrow new hair, as well as a three-part topical system to be applied to the scalp. These products encourage growth while simultaneously allowing the laser to provide healthy cell turnover. We’ve combined the latest infrared laser light therapy technology with a laser treatment system that eliminates the struggles of most people with hair loss. For maximum results, we recommend giving both the set and the laser therapy a try.

Our CEO, Jeff Stanifer, believes in providing quality, effective treatments that will deliver lasting results. However, we do all that without the use of drugs or medication. Laser hair therapy has no known side effects, and the process is painless. This affordable alternative to expensive surgeries gives you the freedom to restore your appearance in the comfort of your home. If you aren’t satisfied after four months, we’ll give you your money back.

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